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Fox On The Run

And now for something completely different…

The best thing about doing this is that not only do I get to share awesome music with a bunch of wonderful people (you’re all wonderful!), but sometimes I get to find out new music myself! I started out with the intention of writing about a totally different song also called “Fox On The Run”, but thanks to the magic of YouTube, I stumbled upon this catchy gem! Manfred Mann recorded this in 1968, but the over time his version has been forgotten and “Fox On The Run” has become a bluegrass staple. I think they’re both great, (seriously, I’ve been listening to both of them one after another, over and over again, for about forty minutes now) that’s why I’ve included the Manfred Mann version as well as a bluegrass cover (Tom T. Hall, in this case).

The video for the Tom T. Hall version is…kind of amazing. Somewhere, someone heard this song and said “You know what? I kind of see this being sung by a overweight duck named Yu Yo who wears a sort of pirate outfit. Yeah, that’s the stuff!” The song is great on its own, but the video takes it to an entirely different level.

“Take a glass of wine, and fortify your soul.”


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Leningrad Cowboys-Sweet Home Alabama

Sometimes it’s difficult-especially on a wintry Tuesday morning-to muster the enthusiasm necessary to get through another dim, gray day. I hope that this little gem from Finland’s own Leningrad Cowboys helps you face the workday head on! If you’re wondering who those uniformed fellows are in the background, it’s Russia’s very own Red Army Choir, lending their services to this monument of Western decadence. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that this is the best thing to come of the fall of the Soviet Union. Discuss.

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Reg Kehoe and his Marimba Queens

Can anyone play bass like this?

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Lakeside – Fantastic Voyage

Happy Friday! It’s time to get pumped up for a great weekend. We are trying something new this week. Your Daily Song Fix will be bringing you three links that we find amazing or hilarious. We live and breathe the internet and technology so be sure to check out these links to hear about things that no one else delivers. Of course we will still be posting a song, so you’ll get your fix.

1. Please Rob Me is a hilarious but scary website that crawls Twitter to figure out when people tweet out that they won’t be home (giving you the optimal chance to rob them). The intentions are good – to raise awareness about what information you should not be sharing with the public.

2. Are you interested in starting your own business? Are you seeking information on a certain topic? Mixergy.com is where you want to be. In Andrew Warner’s words – “Imagine having a mix of experienced mentors teaching you their expertise. That’s my mission with Mixergy.com.” Andrew asks the best interview questions I have seen …it’s almost like he is reading your mind.

3. A funny Dave Chappelle and Martin Lawrence clip that most people haven’t seen:

And finally, enjoy your daily song fix!

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Milburn – Roll Out The Barrel

Here’s an Indie Rock band that did pretty well in the U.K. until they parted ways about a year ago. “Roll Out The Barrel” is a really upbeat and fun tune. It’s also pretty funny if you pay attention to the lyrics. Enjoy!

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