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Derek and the Dominos-Keep On Growing

Well, once again the holidays are upon us! It’s Monday now, but it’ll be Thursday before you know it, and I’m sure that America’s turkeys are quaking in their adorable little three-toed boots as Thanksgiving rapidly approaches.

For this weeks song picks, I thought I’d get into the holiday spirit with songs that I, personally am thankful for. “Keep On Growing” is easily in my top five favorite songs ever, and it’s one of those rare gems that just seems to get better and better and better the more you listen to it. A standout song on an album of standout songs (Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs-don’t own it? Beg, borrow, or steal a copy, there’s a reason it’s a classic), this tune smacks you right in the face with a totally unassailable groove and a glorious, heavenly wash of guitars that force you to get down to it and ROCK. Enough talk, hit play and love it!

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Little Feat-Rock ‘n Roll Doctor

If you were one of those lucky few in Atlantic City for Phish this past weekend, you got to hear Little Feat’s ‘Waiting For Columbus’-one of my all-time favorite albums-performed by one of my favorite bands. Alas, I wasn’t there (I had a ticket but the aforementioned move to Texas prevented me from attending). I sold my ticket, and I like to think that even though I missed the show, maybe whoever took my place was more deserving.
After all, I already know and love Little Feat, but maybe the person who took my ticket didn’t. And maybe, just maybe, they loved it. And maybe they went out when they got back from the show and they bought their own copy of “Waiting For Columbus”, and they sat at home and soaked in the laid-back, swampy funky soulful slinky groove that is Little Feat. Maybe they found that Lowell George wasn’t just singing to anyone, he was singing RIGHT TO THEM. Maybe they felt they had discovered something amazing, something they couldn’t believe they’d lived without for so long, something that filled every little empty musical niche in their lives, and they went out and bought even more Little Feat albums, and soon they’ll have so many that they lend them to their friends, and the process starts all over, and before you know it, everyone in America is finally listening to Little Feat.

Wouldn’t that be great?

Here’s Rock ‘n Roll Doctor, a very deceptive song in that it grooves and is very danceable, but upon closer inspection is very rhythmically dense, changing time signatures almost every measure and never ever settling on a consistent meter. It’s part of Little Feat’s genius that they make something so very very difficult sound so easy and smooth.

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Booker White – Fixin’ to Die Blues

Howdy, y’all. I’m Danny. Our gracious host asked me to do some guest posts for Your Daily Song Fix, and I’m happy to oblige. Lately, my tastes have tended toward old blues and country music, so I’ll be delivering that pre-war flavor you’ve been looking for. I hope you enjoy my first pick.

Booker T. Washington “Bukka” White was a blues guitarist born in Houston, Mississippi in 1906. Between 1930 and 1940, he recorded for the Victor and Vocalion labels, as well as for folklorists John Lomax and Alan Lomax. A young Bob Dylan covered this song, “Fixin’ to Die Blues,” for his debut album in 1961. That recording prompted John Fahey and Ed Denson to contact White (by sending a letter to “Bukka White (Old Blues Singer), c/o General Delivery, Aberdeen, Mississippi”), and White continued to record until his death in 1977.

“Fixin’ to Die Blues” was recorded in 1940 for the Vocalion label (which later became the OKeh label; thanks to Stefan Werz’s extensive Bukka White Discography). Robert “Washboard Sam” Brown accompanies White on (you guessed it) the washboard. Brown’s washboard and White’s alternating bass picking pattern create a chugging, locomotive rhythm that supports White’s trainwhistle slide guitar licks and his powerful singing. Check out some of White’s performances on YouTube to get better idea of his strength as a performer.

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Aretha Franklin – The Weight

“The Weight” was a hit song by The Band released in 1968. In 1969 Aretha Franklin recorded a version with Duane Allman just two years before his fatal motorcycle crash. Their version of “The Weight” was the highest charted recording of the song in both the US and Canada.

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Robert Randolph And The Family Band – I Need More Love

Check out this awesome live version of “I Need More Love.” Not enough people know about Robert Randolph!

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