Wye Oak – Take it in

Wye Oak
Baltimore indie power-couple, Wye Oak, are making it in the music bizz.  Maybe.  I don’t actually know how they define, “making it big.”  I would say that a feature in Spin, a record deal with Merge (Spoon, Arcade Fire, Neutral Milk Hotel, etc.) and no 9-5 job definitely denote the term.  This track, taken from Wye Oak’s latest album, features the angelic voice of Jenn Wasner.  Come to think of it, most of Wye Oak’s songs feature the angelic voice of Jenn Wassner.  She wails on the guitar like an ex-member of Sonic youth, and her man, Andy Stack, plays the drums, the keyboard AND sings backup vocals.  Two people haven’t made this much noise since overweight people realized that they, too, could have sexual intercourse.

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